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Linder Myers Solicitors has been providing first-class legal advice for almost 100 years

As a full-service law firm, the legal experts at Linder Myers get to know each and every client individually to understand their specific situation. From employment matters such as contracts and settlement agreements to writing a will or planning your estate, Linder Myers is well-placed to meet all your legal needs.

Go Again

Stepping into wellbeing with mental health                   consultancy.

We are a multidisciplinary team of experienced Mental     Health Professionals and Professional Sports Coaches.

We are combining our skills to create a model that             supports the mental wellbeing of players/ex players and   coaches from all levels.

Specialist Mental Health Practitioners and Sports       coaches offering:

Confidential, fast response advice and support in a safe   environment with a Mental Health Professional.  Offering   tools and resources to manage your mental wellbeing.     Via Zoom/Skype or face to face.

Support with aftercare of players who have been released can include practical support and advice, such as help to access employment and education, housing, finances and family support.

Conversations with experienced sports coaches with a     passion for mental wellbeing.  Supporting you to have the resources to help others in times of difficulty.


We bring the world closer together

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Not feeling good? Find local help.

Increased mental clarity.

Download the APP via the website!


REFA Coaching

Elite Football Coaches that specialise in private and   small group training. Recognised all over the North   West.

REFACoaching offers high quality academy level training 1-2-1 coaching sessions, we are committed to youth         development with an emphasis on technique. We create   high intensity sessions that are fun and competitive. This creates an ideal learning environment where players can push themselves and fulfil their potential.

LM Premier Coaching

If Better Is Possible, Good Is Not Enough.

LM Premier based near Toronto and is here to assist Players and Families with guidance and relevant education within the game to ensure that players unlock their true potential and learn in an environment that will challenge them and encourage them to implement standards in their everyday life.

With links to Colleges and Universities throughout           Canada and the USA, LM Premier can help in providing     links to those players wishing to continue their playing       career and education in those countries.

S23 Lifestyle

Highly qualified and motivated professionals!

Our family-run gym offers a full range of workouts,             including RiP Training, Sports Massage Therapy,             Personal Training, Circuit Training and Sports Nutrition     Supplements. 

We work with people of all levels and can also provide     bespoke PT sessions for professional athletes in all           sports. are an Independent Mortgage Broker who pride ourselves on delivering a first class customer   service, along with clear honest advice for you, "the         Client."

Get The Quote are the UK’s Number 1 Financial Advisors.

All of our staff are trained and qualified to the highest level ensuring your Financial Advice is correct and to the           highest level.

Get the Quote appreciate the importance and stresses of buying a home, our staff are here to help the process and make your Mortgage simple and get you the best             available deal.

We have access to all the major high street lenders so     you can be sure that Get the Quote will get you the best   available offer.

Contact our team for:

  • Mortgages
  • Life Assurance
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Home Insurance
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Critical Illness cover

Paul Schofield 
Wealth Management Ltd

Paul Schofield Wealth Management Ltd is comprised of a team of fully qualified financial advisers, who provide     holistic advice, mainly to directors, professionals and         retired clients, helping them with practical solutions to the financial issues that concern them most. 

Along with a dedicated support team, they pride                 themselves on giving high quality, personal, face-to-face   financial advice. This covers all areas of wealth               management, including, retirement planning, estate         planning - including Inheritance Tax planning advice,       wealth protection, savings planning, investments, and       personal/business protection. 

As a Senior Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management based in Burnley, our emphasis is on           maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients and   to provide them with a source of trusted advice as their     financial needs evolve over the years. 

St. James’s Place Wealth Management, established in     1991, is a FTSE 100 company with in excess of £115       billion of client funds under management, providing a         range of wealth management solutions from investments   to pensions. St. James’s Place Partners and their             advisers are the crucial face-to-face link between the       company and it’s clients, forming long-term relationships   based on trust and knowledge. 

Contact details:


Phone: 01282 686720 

Please visit our website at for   further details.


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