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We are working mainly in Women & Girls Football.

Building relationships with integrity, honesty,                     professionalism, family values and care with our clients     and their families. 

Providing them expert services and a support structure in contract negotiations, endorsements, career advice,         wealth management, club and media liaison, legal             guidance and all other aspects of the game.

Our Vision & Goal

To offer the right guidance and support, to each of our       players, tailored to their individual needs, by fully               understanding and appreciating those needs of our           talented players/clients and their parents or guardians.     Making sure they receive the highest quality service,         integrity and commitment with the most trustworthy of       advice.

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The playing career of a footballer can be a short one, so   contact us today to see how we can help before, during   and after playing to achieve those professional and           personal goals.

“With over 12 years experience in Women and Girls Football and its pathway, I can use my knowledge, experience and skills to further help female players reach their goals in the modern game.

Michael Whitworth - Owner of USM  IMS005160


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